Refrigerator Running Continues In Elk Grove CA

Refrigerator Running Continues

If your refrigerator is running nonstop then there could be multiple reasons as you could have kept the door open longer when loading the fridge & could be with some other reasons. If you think that there is a problem the call refrigerator repair Elk Grove.

These days the Fridge has an automatic function as modern freezers defrost themselves, but if your refrigerator is an older model, you may need to do a manual defrost.

Regardless, also take a look at the evaporator coils. While checking the coils you need to check that the frost should be even throughout. If you notice an overabundance on one area and a lack of frost in another, this could explain why the refrigerator is working so hard to keep it cool. Consult a Professional Appliance Repair, Rancho Cordova.

Cooling function comes from the coils & the condenser coils help to remove and get rid of the heat, but when they get dirty with the daily dust accumulating, it causes a problem & the fridge to have to run more to stay cool. This can also increase your electricity bills. Ask appliance repair service Rancho Murieta on how to save energy bills. You’ll find these coils located either on the back of your refrigerator or they can be on the bottom as it could be different on each model. In some refrigerators, you can find a switch which helps them to release them on the front or back of the fridge towards the bottom.

You need to unplug the fridge first & use a brush or vacuum with a long handle to remove dirt and debris as this dirt or debris may be the cause of fridge working nonstop. Be very careful here as not to damage any coils when you are cleaning them. In general, rear coils should be cleaned about once a year to make sure refrigerators function smoothly and floor coils about twice a year. Households which have to do more are with pets as they should clean twice as often. Call best appliance repair in Wilton CA.