Sand Blasting – Smooth Out Rough Surfaces

Sandblasting is usually done to smoothen rough surfaces by applying fine granular sand with the use of high pressure. This process is also known as abrasive blasting and it is usually done to facilitate painting among other applications. This can be done on wood, walls or any uneven surface to smooth that surface out. If you want your business premises smoothed out, you can get commercial sandblasting in Houston by hiring a professional company. All you need to do is research through the internet or get referrals from friends.

The Process of Sand Blasting

When looking for sandblasting in Houston, it is important to understand that it can be done in a number of different ways depending on the results you want. Some of the methods commonly used are:

  • Using a portable device to spray a large surface with an aim of the evening it out. This method mainly uses pressurized air through a nozzle and hence the operator should take caution to avoid inhaling a lot of dust. Some of the precautions include wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) e.g. masks and to avoid sandblasting confined areas. Although the operator can use other methods such as wet blasting where you sandblast using water to reduce airborne contaminants, you should understand that there are also risks associated with wastewater. Most professionals consider using silica sand to minimize the risk while sandblasting.
  • Containment blasting – this is another sandblasting method commonly used because of its associated benefits. The method involves placing the materials to be smoothed in an enclosed area (containment), blast it with sand and then recycling it. When these materials are in an enclosed area, you not only reduce the risk of exposing the operator to airborne contaminants but also reduce impacts of weather conditions on the entire process. The materials will be smoothed in an enclosed area where weather conditions will not affect the process whatsoever.
  • Vacuum blasting is another sandblasting method. This method not only blasts the materials but also recovers the materials to keep the area clean and recycle the materials. It is, therefore, economic and environmentally friendly. This method is highly recommended for mobile sandblasting in Houston TX because regardless of the location, the place will still remain clean.

Risks of sandblasting

Since sand blasting mainly involves the use of high pressure (liquid or air), the operator is always at risk of inhaling contaminants especially if safety precautions are not followed. Therefore, all safety measures should be followed to avoid exposing the operator or people nearby to risks of airborne contaminants or associated risks such as lung problems or other respiratory disorders. In addition, the operator should be very cautious when using these tools because they can cause injuries. Getting trained, reading the operator’s manual and having experience with the tools are some of the ways to avoid having any accidents when using these tools when sandblasting.

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